We are opened for Holiday Club at our Barnehurst Location during School Half term, Easter and Summer Holiday.
Opening Times: 8.00am – 6.00pm

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Terms & Conditions

Games and toys at the Club
Children are allowed to bring bicycles and scooters to the club or any DVD they will like to watch and share along with other children. We will not allow DS games and any computer games due to any loss or damages.

Food and Drink
Children should come in with their packed lunch for their session. The Club will provide light snacks for children at 4.00pm before they are collected.

Please ensure that your child has a sun hat and adequate sun protection cream on before they attend their sessions in order to keep them protected from the sun or coat and rain coats as the case may be. The ideal lotions are the once-a-day which can be put on before the children come to the club and will last until they go home.

Trips and Outings
To safeguard and protect children in our care, adults and children of Barnehurst Holiday Club are required to wear Hi Visibility Jackets to help them be seen on all their trips. We will ensure that a risk assessment is carried out on all outings and every other material needed for the journey is carried along in our outing bag(s). We will endeavour to inform parents/carers of any outings for the week and any payments involved on the previous Friday before the commencement of another week.

If a child requires a medication for any life threatening condition; our staff can only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor in exception of asthma/epipens. To ensure that this is the case all medication provided must have the prescription sticker attached which includes the child’s name, the date, the type of medicine and the dosage.


Good News to our customers! As part of our promises to provide excellent services, we have implemented a simple and secure online payment solution. You can make payments instantly from any devices such as mobile, tablet, laptop or Desktop. Please follow steps below to register and book your child
1- Create new account by registering your details.
2- Select a Centre e.g Barnehurst Centre for Holiday Club users
3- Add Child's details
4- Start booking by selecting child and session required (e.g Breakfast Club).
5- Check availability or add more dates
6- Once dates are available proceed to checkout and select the different methods of payment provided (including Childcare vouchers) to secure your booking.
7- An invoice is generated in your account once payment is completed.

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